Winter 2019/20
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Winter 2019/20

Hi There!
This has been a great year for Guitar Aid. Two missions to Africa, as well as, trips to Eastern Europe. The most significant thing, was the opening of Guitar Aid’s new home. To celebrate this we brought over the Timothy Worship Band from Slovakia. It was truly a memorable time. With the new facilities, “giving with generosity” has been our theme.

For a long time I’ve believed that the next step for Guitar Aid is to have our own premises.
I had looked at buying a garage and many other options. Who would have believed that the answer was right on my doorstep! No longer do I need to repair and restring guitars in my front room. I now have a purpose built, two level apartment, right next to my house.
To celebrate opening this new facility, we invited Timothy Worship Band from Slovakia, for a celebration event. Combined with an official opening, with long time friend Marian Lipovsky cutting the ribbon. Since opening, I’ve had many visitors and have been able to spend quality time, with them. This facility has greatly increased our giving. Many boxes of guitars have already been sent from here.

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"Music deserves to be played by the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Guitar Aid is a truly rock and roll missionary response to letting people sing a new song all over the earth."

Martin Smith

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