Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
Patron Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Giving guitars since 1990 - “Four thousand will praise the Lord with musical instruments” 1 Chronicles 23 v 5
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testimonials where people have been blessed by our ministry

matt redman

“ Guitar Aid is a fresh exciting initiative that deserves much recognition, it’s good to see such a practical response to such an obvious need.”

Matt Redman


When I was about 9 years old I got a classical guitar. At that time I was in music school and I was really happy that I could practice on my own guitar. After I finished music school, I started practicing to play Worship songs that we sang in Church. I found my nylon strung guitar didn’t give the sound I wanted. So for years I has this desire for an acoustic guitar with steel strings. I always borrowed my Dad’s guitar to practice on. When my parents told me that I am going to receive one from Guitar Aid, I was the happiest man alive! So thank you again for this amazing gift. It is so precious to me. Now I can praise God on my own guitar! 

Thomas Halo - Ada, Serbia



Thank you for this guitar! This is a great blessing for us. Guitar Aid has been helping us for a long time! Thank you! 

Pavel Podlobko - Worship leader, Gomel, Belarus.

Dave Griffiths

"The prophet Habakkuk spoke a promise that ' the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea ' (Hab 2v14) . What David Sumner does through Guitar Aid, is work tirelessly to realise this promise. By equipping worship leaders around the world with quality instruments, Guitar Aid is practically and lovingly releasing the sound of heaven, the sound of glory, across the earth. What a promise ! What a vision !"

Dave Griffiths - Singer-songwriter, worship leader & frontman of Chaos Curb Collaberation

graham kendrick

“Talent and enthusiasm but no instrument to play, overflowing hearts but empty hands – this is normal for a vast number of young aspiring worship musicians, and I have witnessed it time and time again.

Guitar Aid has been addressing this need for twenty five years now, by providing instruments to those who never thought it possible to afford them. If you are grateful for having an instrument in your hands, why not give thanks in a practical way, by helping to put one in a pair of empty ones!”

Graham Kendrick


Thank you for the guitar! I’m really happy that I can play in a worship group and serve in many programmes. 
Sara Voronenko, New Generation Church, Baranovichi, Belarus



My name is Jude Muchiri. I was born and raised in Mathare, the second largest slum in Kenya. It has a population of 900,000 people, 60% youth & children. Ever since the tender age of 14, I had a passion to reach out to the unchurched in the community. Before I got the guitar, I had a dream of doing worship music on the streets. I dreamt of a time when I could raise a new sound from the slums. A sound of hope that is full of life. This dream is now reality and I wouldn't want to continue without saying a big thank you for the ministry of Guitar Aid, and what you are doing all around the world. Your impact is bigger than you can imagine.

Jude - A grateful heart - Mathare, Kenya.




My name is CSILLA, I am 13 & live in SERBIA. I come from a Christian family & I follow the Lord. A while ago, the thought entered my mind, that I would like to learn to play the bass guitar. In January, 2013, we started to pray for an instrument. In the meantime, I started to really walk with Jesus, to have a closer relationship with Him. Sometimes I asked God if I would ever receive a guitar, but every time I asked, it was as if he answered, “pray more for it.” So I continued to pray.

In September, Pastor Viktor called me & said that he had heard about my prayer request & promised me that he will try to help me get a guitar. One month later, my dad said to me that he would take me to a church service in another church, where guests from England will speak about worship.

The service was excellent. At the close of the meeting the guests started to hand out acoustic guitars to visitors from other churches. At last, my name was called & as I stood up & went to the front, I felt very strange & I didn’t understand the whole deal. But I quickly saw that the guitar case I was to get looked totally different from the rest. Then they took it out of the case & it was a Ferrari red bass. My jaw dropped, I couldn’t say anything. I wanted to laugh & cry at the same moment. That moment was indescribable. Suddenly I understood that it was worth to pray so much, and I knew that it was God who answered my prayer. In the evening, when I got home & showed the guitar to my siblings, my sister was very happy for me, & my little brother started to weep because he saw that Jesus really takes care of us. Thank you all for this bass guitar! God bless you! Csilla.

Bishop Teklu Wolde

"I would like to thank you brother David, for bringing guitars to Ethiopia, and thanks to those who support Guitar Aid. We are very glad! 

Since we have had guitars in the Church, our worship is not the same, it has changed. Young people are coming because of this. Having the guitars has enabled us to start two choirs. Thank you on behalf of the Church, thank you so much. May God richly bless you."

Bishop Teklu Wolde - Ethiopia

Johny Vasko

My name is Johny Vasko, I am from Slovakia. I am 20years old. Since I was fifteen I have been in several worship bands. I started as a lead guitarist. I was learning to be not only good musician, but in the first place, be a good worship leader. Gradually God sent me other members of our band - Behold Worship. Our hearts have started burn for youth evangelism. Because of that, my dream was to play on electric guitar, in that moment i caught it & suddenly it was clear. God made my dream come true (lead our worship band as a singer and play on electric guitar). My only problem was , I didn't have any electric guitar. I wrote to my friend David Sumner (I knew that he help many musicians through Guitar Aid), I told him about my situation and implore his help. He told me , it will be pleasure for him to help me.

The director of Youth for Christ - Marian Lipovsky - allowed me to meet with David Sumner in Slovakia ( in Kralova Lehota). So today I have great instrument- PRS type 24 double cut - and very good guitar + amplifier - Line6 Spider. I would like to say THANK YOU Guitar Aid and all sponsors. God bless you + !!

Andre Mendes

Guitar Aid represents for us an initiative  of praise to God, because of their attitude of love. Through Guitar Aid every moment can be a special chord in our ministry in Portugal, where every month we can present a new song to the kids, and each year hoping to be a symphony to God. We are thankful to Guitar Aid for helping us be instruments tuned by God, in a tone of special worship where kids can know, love and  serve God. Once again thanks.

Pastor Andre Mendes - Awana Portugal


A Christian walk holds many ups and downs. Through it all we are called to press on in the Joy of our Lord. However in our Father's Kingdom, we have people, like Dave of Guitar Aid, who love to facilitate "Thy Kingdom come" and surprise you with JOY. I am joyfully the recipient of a lovely guitar from him, for use in the Middle East, Dubai. Thank you Dave for the pleasant joyful experience, and we can assure you it will be used to lift the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in this region.

Pastor Mathew Joseph,  Dubai.



I am Maria, from Lipova, Romania. I was blessed with a guitar from Dave Sumner and his team. I had a dream, and in my dream I have my own guitar, and this dream became reality when I received this instrument from Guitar Aid. I am very happy as i am being taught by someone who also received an instrument from Guitar Aid. I live at the Haven of Hope Orphanage in Romania.


I am very thankful for this guitar, especially for the fact that I am left handed and it is very difficult to find a left handed guitar. It's hard to believe that we have known each other for more than 20 years now. I have been blessed personally by your ministry, we have also served together on several trips to Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Croatia. God has used Guitar Aid worldwide, but for us over here, knowing that there is a ministry specially dedicated to encouraging the worship of our Lord, is extremely important. God bless you and continue to use you for His service.

Marino Mojtic  -  Macedonia.

Cyiza Emmy

I started to study music, so that I could help my Church in worship. After University, I had the opportunity to study at Word of Life Bible institute. Upon my completion I was convicted to serve full time working with youth, where music is a great tool and ingredient that captures young people. Receiving this guitar is one of the great resources that will help me realise my vision. I don't know how I can express my gratitude for the love & sacrifice you make, ministering through giving instruments to the nations. This warms my heart, may God bless you. 

Cyiza Emmanuel - Youth leader & Worship leader - Inkuru Nziza Chutch (Good News) Rwanda



" I don't think there is a right or a wrong way of worshiping God. But music is a wonderful, fulfilling and emotional way to do so.

Through Guitar Aid many of you, young and old, have discovered the thrill of worship through music, so strum on, play on."

Sir Cliff Richard  -  Guitar Aid  Patron.

Brano Letko

"Being able to express my deep prayers in song, on a perfect guitar, is for me touching the heavens. I am convinced that Guitar Aid is bringing heaven to earth for many people. Thank you Dave, for your faithfulness in your vision and duty! Thank you for my guitar as well - you fulfilled my dreams my friend."

Brano Letko - Worship Leader, Campfest, Slovakia.

Philippa Hanna

So excited to partner with Guitar Aid! My Dad bought me my first guitar and it changed my life. It meant I could write songs that have connected with many people. It’s so wonderful to be able to present that opportunity to someone else – Someone who otherwise would be unable to afford an instrument. Guitar Aid is a beautiful ministry!

Philippa Hanna


Hi, my name is Aracelly, from 'Darkest Peru'. We are touched by our brothers & sisters who came all the way from the UK to see us in Cusco Peru. We had a great time sharing, laughing & praying for one another. Dave & Liz, thank you so much for such a beautiful guitar to worship God. What a wonderful gift!! May the Lord continue blessing you as you bless people through Guitar Aid around the world.

Aracelly Hobby. -  Cusco, Peru, South America. 



Dary Luz Taylor

We went to a missions conference in Cusco, Peru. At the end of the conference we were amazingly surprised, to be given two electro acoustic guitars from Dave Sumner, Guitar Aid. This has been an answer to prayer, and a blessing from God. These will be used in the Oasis of Hope school, Santa Marta, Colombia.

Dary Luz Taylor  Colombia. 

sebi lela

"My name is Sebastian Lela, I am a worship leader in the Joshua Church in Deva, Romania. Our beginnings were not easy as we lacked instruments. We prayed that God would send people to help us. One of these was brother Dave Sumner, from Guitar Aid. They have helped for so many years, the Churches and musicians. The quality of the worship sound improved with every guitar we received. May God bless the Guitar Aid team and bring prosperity, so they can continue to give, blessing others with better sounds, better instruments, and better guitars."

Sebi Lela


From early childhood, I dreamed of playing the electric guitar. Four years ago, when I was eleven, I came to this Church. They had a worship team, with instruments supplied by Guitar Aid. I realised, my dream could be achieved at an early age, and so, my journey began. Every day after school, I went to the Church to practice. I learned things, that at first seemed impossible. I remained true to my dream and decided to keep going. I said to myself, "I believe, through this God will do great things." Since then, I have had great boldness and a desire to play and develop for the glory of God. I believe that this is only the beginning!

Julia Harhulyova - Gomel, Belarus.


My name is Avcija Jasarevic, I am 29 years old, I live in the south of Serbia.  When I was 12, I started to play keyboard in the worship team, at 19 I felt God calling me to service as a worship leader. One of my dreams was to have my own personal guitar. I saw on Fb that Guitar Aid organisation gives guitars to worship leaders. I sent a message thinking I would not get a reply, but the feedback was positive and a guitar was sent to me. I was really shocked and grateful to God. I am very pleased with the guitar I got, it sounds great, it's just perfect! I love what you do Guitar Aid, thank you very much for your generosity and love at work. This wonderful gift has inspired me to make new music, new songs that will worship God. Be blessed in your service, and thank you very much, may the blessing of God be on you and all your sponsors. 

Avdija Jasarevic - Worship leader, Vranje, Serbia.


bryn haworth

“Putting musical instruments into the hands of those who either couldn’t find or afford them, releases much praise and worship to God, and brings Heaven down to earth. I thoroughly commend the work of Dave Sumner and Guitar Aid for your support.”

Julo Slovak

"It's beautiful to see how God cares. I'm very happy that I know David from Guitar Aid, and I was honoured to spend time with him at Campfest....  Guitar Aid doesn't serve only worship leaders by supporting them with guitars, but it is mainly a service that blows fire of worship all over the globe. Guitar Aid has been standing by me, and by the ministry of my band ESPE for years, and I'm so thankful for it."

Julo Slovak - ESPE band, Godzone project Slovakia


I felt so grateful to receiving this guitar, it's so joyful for me. I am praying that the Lord would use it for his glory, and for real worship. Thank you for your love and generosity. May the Lord bless your ministry all over the world.

Joy.   Bani-suef Church, Egypt.

Amanda Alvarado

A young worship leader / guitar player, arrived at our Church, Casa de Oracion, Bienaventuranza in Colon Panama, to help us in ministry. He said to me, "Can you give me a guitar?" I had none to give. In the Mission Consultation in Peru, I met David Sumner, who gave guitars to the missionaries. This will help us in our worship & outreach services. Thanks!

Amanda  -  Missionary to Panama.

tim hughes

  " Guitar Aid is a fantastic way of combining passion for music with passion for justice. This is a great way to make a difference."

Tim Hughes ( UK Singer / songwriter )

Andy Gridley

Thanks to Guitar Aid, we were supplied with some great guitars and amps for our musical sets at Campfest. Thanks for assisting us for such an incredible event, and helping us share the invitation to "Love and Live Jesus"

Andy Gridley -  Musical Artist and Worship Leader - California U.S.A.


Guitar Aid has always been something close to my heart since I came to Exeter. When I met Dave and got to hear stories of him sending guitars all across the Globe, I was amazed. During my year interning at a church, I sent Dave a message asking if I would be able to borrow a guitar. In typical Dave Sumner fashion he went above and beyond and drove round to where I was living, and gifted me a guitar. At the height of lockdown and Covid I had never picked up a guitar, however, thanks to the generosity of Guitar Aid and Dave I started to learn how to play guitar by watching YouTube videos and ended up spending hours trapped inside playing. This guitar provided me with an outlet to not only cope with the anxiety of life during C19 but also allowed me to worship God. As a drummer, I found it hard to worship during Covid and this guitar was an amazing way of me being able to worship God from my bedroom. Since then I have gone on to play at Church. I wouldn't be where I am spiritually if it wasn't for the generosity I experienced through the work Guitar Aid does. God bless Dave and Guitar Aid and I pray his work continues to grow!

Joseph Harris - Worshiper 

Philip Wissa

"King David was the first one to hire musicians and singers full time, to have 24/7 worship going on in his tent (continuous fire on the alter). He understood the importance of Praise and also the importance of the musical instrument. I believe Guitar Aid are aware of these two important aspects, this is why they help, providing many worship leaders around the globe, with free quality guitars".

Philip Wissa (Arabic worship leader, Egypt)

Rev. James Mensa

" We thank God for the ministry of Guitar Aid. The gift of guitars to the Church in Ghana, has improved our worship tremendously. We pray the Lord will enlarge the coasts of Guitar Aid, to be a blessing to many others in the body of Christ."

Rev James Mensa - Ghana, West Africa


Thank you Guitar Aid and Philippa for this beautiful guitar. The best part is. "I was praying for a Tanglewood and I got the same". I'm enjoying playing it for Jesus. Thank you again. God bless you. 

Rajiv Vijayan. - Worship leader - Mumbai, India. 

Pastor Roman

Guitar Aid is a co-worker for the harvest in Lienz - Thank you!

Pastor Roman Maier - Lienz, Austria.



Hi, my name is Fiona Atim, and I am 23 years old. I am so grateful for the guitar I got from you and I love it so much, getting it is a dream come true. It's not only been helpful to me, but also my friends and my nephew as well, who uses it at his Church during choir practice. The Church also uses the guitar during services. I would like to say thank you so much for making my dream come true. This guitar is being used to do great and amazing things and I give thanks to the Lord for that. May the good Lord continue to bless you abundantly.  

Fiona Atim - Watoto Church, Kampala, Uganda.



martin smith

"Music deserves to be played by the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Guitar Aid is a truly rock and roll missionary response to letting people sing a new song all over the earth."

Martin Smith


I strongly believe my calling in life is to sing praises to Jesus Christ, with the voice God gave me, and the guitar God provided through Guitar Aid. I love it, I spend hours and hours practicing and worshiping Jesus. Thank you so much a million times!  This guitar means a lot to me.

Emanuel Krasniqi - Worship leader - Kosovo


Noel Robinson

I really love the work of Guitar Aid and Dave Sumner. Being a guitarist from a very early age, music has certainly impacted my life, and the guitar has been a constant tool of my expression and worship. I know that young people and communities that receive the gift of guitars, will find it beautifies and adds to their worship.

Noel Robinson - International Worship leader, Music Pastor and Songwriter.




The headstock of my guitar broke and I was super heartbroken, and I didn't know what to do. I'm here at YWAM Kona, I'm part of the music track and that involves playing my guitar. The guitar that broke was the one I had since I was 11. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to go before Jesus, telling him that I believe this is what you want me to do, and this is what you called me for. So I'm trusting you are going to provide for my needs, and accomplish what you set before me. Being a student at YWAM I don't have money to buy a guitar, so I gave it to Jesus and within 24 hours he answered, and today this guitar arrived. I want to give a huge thank you to Guitar Aid and Dave Sumner. I'm blessed beyond measure for the support that's been given to me, to go to the nations to show the love of Jesus through music and song writing. I'm so pleased, so happy and super excited! Thank you so much. 

Naomi Fierro. -  YWAM Kona, Hawaii


My name is Romana Grolmusova. I come from Slovakia and i'm 19 years old. I'm a member of a small worship band SunRise. Few days ago I received awesome 12 string guitar from Marian Lipovsky. I want to say thank you. I love my new guitar, I love it's appearance, it's sound and every tone I can play on it. Simply, it's perfect! I really like what you do. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. I'm so thankful. This gorgeous gift I was given, can help me to be a better worship leader. Be blessed in your ministry and let it grow. May the Holy Spirit be with you.


My name is SERGIU, from Lipova, ROMANIA. I am very glad to tell you a few words about Dave Sumner & his team, who are doing a great service for musicians from all over the Churches. I remember clearly the moment when, almost 10 years ago. I got my first electric guitar. Being just a child, I could not afford it, but through Guitar Aid, God sent me this gift.

The blessing didn’t stop there, but through many years, God blessed myself and the entire worship team with other musical instruments through Dave & his team. Guitar Aid is a great blessing for us, & I hope & pray to God to bless them for their efforts & what they are doing.

marian lipovsky

"Great things start in humble hearts, simple ideas have practical results, and if they're led by God, as for sure Guitar Aid is, the blessing of God is prepared to bear fruit. Your ministry blesses us so much, it brings, and encourages, many good things to happen amongst us in Slovakia. Praise God for you!"

Marian Lipovsky  (Regional Director, Youth For Christ, Central Europe)

Pastor Boniface

Before, we didn't have any instruments, but now we have been supplied with guitars. This will help us so much to praise God, to sing to him & praise the Lord! We want to thank you, thank you and thank you again for providing these nice guitars. We are playing the instruments for Jesus. Thank you and the Lord bless you always.

Pastor Boniface. Principal of Bukavu Bible College, Congo.