Spring 2005
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Spring 2005

Hi There!

We have just returned from the Ukraine, where they have had the worst snow in 20yrs! It's nice to be back in a warmer climate, planning our next trip to Cambodia. For the last couple of years, we have received a grant from the Alcoa foundation. I have included a feature that appeared in their magazine (see over). This was sent to many countries.

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“Talent and enthusiasm but no instrument to play, overflowing hearts but empty hands – this is normal for a vast number of young aspiring worship musicians, and I have witnessed it time and time again.

Guitar Aid has been addressing this need for twenty five years now, by providing instruments to those who never thought it possible to afford them. If you are grateful for having an instrument in your hands, why not give thanks in a practical way, by helping to put one in a pair view all testimonials