Autumn / Winter 2003
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Autumn / Winter 2003

Hi There!

My favourite song at the moment is “Blessed be Your Name”. It encourages us to praise God in the extremities of both Good and Bad circumstances. Our last trip to Eastern Europe took us on such a journey. We have much to thank God for, most of all for His protection and the life He has given us in which we can serve Him.

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“Talent and enthusiasm but no instrument to play, overflowing hearts but empty hands – this is normal for a vast number of young aspiring worship musicians, and I have witnessed it time and time again.

Guitar Aid has been addressing this need for twenty five years now, by providing instruments to those who never thought it possible to afford them. If you are grateful for having an instrument in your hands, why not give thanks in a practical way, by helping to put one in a pair view all testimonials