Autumn 2016
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Autumn 2016

This has been a really exciting year, with six missions taking place. We started the year in Bulgaria, where we had an excellent time. The highlight of the year was our visit to Peru, the first time for us in South America. The invite for this trip came from Mark Wiltshire, AOG Missions Director. This was an opportunity we could not miss.

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My name is CSILLA, I am 13 & live in SERBIA. I come from a Christian family & I follow the Lord. A while ago, the thought entered my mind, that I would like to learn to play the bass guitar. In January, 2013, we started to pray for an instrument. In the meantime, I started to really walk with Jesus, to have a closer relationship with Him. Sometimes I asked God if I would ever receive a guitar, but every time I asked, it was as if he answered, “pray more for it.” So I continued view all testimonials