Autumn 2012
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Autumn 2012

Hi There!

It’s been quite a strange year, as my brother John, who I have travelled with on missions since 1990, has had to take a year out due to health problems. This has made me realize how much we have done together. The main mission of the year became the trip toMacedonia, Kosovo & Albania.

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My name is CSILLA, I am 13 & live in SERBIA. I come from a Christian family & I follow the Lord. A while ago, the thought entered my mind, that I would like to learn to play the bass guitar. In January, 2013, we started to pray for an instrument. In the meantime, I started to really walk with Jesus, to have a closer relationship with Him. Sometimes I asked God if I would ever receive a guitar, but every time I asked, it was as if he answered, “pray more for it.” So I continued view all testimonials