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who is guitar aid?

Guitar Aid was started in 1990 by Dave Sumner, after seeing the reaction to the first guitar given. Since this first trip to Romania, we have had the privilege of visiting many places. Our guitars are being used in over 90 countries across the globe. We have seen in many of these countries, a fresh desire to worship God. read about our many missions on the news page. We want to encourage you to be involved in this worthwhile ministry. Guitar Aid is making a difference in so many lives, as the church rises up with a new sound of worship. The gift of a guitar not only impacts the person that receives it, but also has an influence on all those that hear its sound.

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“Talent and enthusiasm but no instrument to play, overflowing hearts but empty hands – this is normal for a vast number of young aspiring worship musicians, and I have witnessed it time and time again.

Guitar Aid has been addressing this need for twenty five years now, by providing instruments to those who never thought it possible to afford them. If you are grateful for having an instrument in your hands, why not give thanks in a practical way, by helping to put one in a pair view all testimonials